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IMG_20180324_093344.jpgDAIRY OF A CHURCH GIRL

Dear Uncle,

When you met me as a church girl you admired the way I serve in my Father's house. I was everywhere at church dedicating my service to God and you saw it. I have always been crazy about Jesus and you felt it. Church has always been a second home to me and you knew it. You saw it in me, you saw how committed I was in God's house, in fact, when we became friends you told me it was my love for God that attracted you to me in the first place, you told me that the first thing you noticed about me was the commitment and passion I put into working for God, and it was no different from my personal life too.

You knew I never had the Time for anything that is not connected to Jesus, when you started liking me you knew that I work a 9 to 5 and still made sure that I was at church in time for fellowship and cell meetings. You knew I have never been one for keeping late nights and partying with folks who do not take God seriously. You knew how I love to dress and you loved it, you saw my decency and commended my Christly virtues, those times you called me beautiful even when I had no makeup on.

I remember when we started getting fond of each other, I remember those days when you would call me to make sure I was at church, I remember when singles fellowships and church programs Use to be our hangout spot, I remember when I encouraged you to join a department so we can both serve God together and you did, I remember you never use to make sexual moves on me, those days when we were so comfortable with each other, I felt so safe around you, you were never interested in intimacy even when physical touch is your strongest love language, you knew my stand on premarital sex and you respected me for that, and i celebrated your abstinence as well, even though i never told you.

You said I was different from the others and you love me for that, but now i don't underatand why you want something different from the difference you use to admire.

Now you get really mad when I don't come over to your house because I have to be at church, you complain I never make time for you, you complain about me spending more time at church than I spend with you.
.... Excuse me uncle, I didn't get the memo, I was this crazy about Jesus when you saw me, He had all of my time even before you got my attention, so why are you angry about that now?

You used to wait for me to finish service before calling, now you call me in the middle of Bible study and get angry when I don't pickup. I don't feel safe around your house anymore because the only thing you talk about is how sex is a proof of love. You dropped out of your department and you tried to talk me into doing the same, according to you, we need to spend quality time together, so coming over to your house is more important than my cell meetings.
... I'm sorry uncle, but I was first HIS before I became yours, I cannot start making compromises because you changed my status from SINGLE to DATING, I cannot cheat on the One who changed my status from SINNER to SAVED, not now, not ever.

If you knew you can't keep up with me that way you shouldn't have bothered coming into my life to waste my time. Right now i don't know whether to be angry or disappointed, trying to change me into something I am not, trying to turn me into a woman you know I'm never going to conform to, trying to make me choose you over my devotion, with a lot of compromise in between, hmmmm, it's never going to happen, it is either you stay and love all of me, or leave my life the same way you came, because I'm never going to bend.

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