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One's an innocent little girl, really enthusiastic of her life ahead,willing and hopeful to find someone to shear all those wonderful thoughts in her head, oh how innocent she was, not afraid to show her naivity to a cruel world, oh only if she was guilded,..
But how would she? , growing up with a father who wasn't always there, and a mother who cared only about her social standing , going from one high class cocktail party to another welfare charity donation ceremony, never loosing an opportunity to portray herself as the "people's person" and shutting off herself from the one person who needed her most,.... Little Tyler.
🍃As the year drew by how beautiful she's turned out to become,... Oh and her music 🎶 that was the amazing thing about her, growing up without a sibling, a guild and a confidunt, she made music her place of solace, she learnt by herself how to play the violen, and spoke through her music, what she couldn't dear utter with her lips,
How she yearned to be understood,

"Love they say can heal a wounded soul and can calm a trobled mind " and so we forget that
"Love is a trap that decives us and hides the bottomless pit that lay in its path",


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