A theory and some advice

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In balance,

Men love women as women love children.
Men feed their energy to women, as women feed their energy to children.
Men protect and take care of women, as women protect and take care of children.
If a man protects and takes care of a woman physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, she will have the wherewithal to protect and take care of children physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.

Men are people of action while women are people of being.
Through action, men protect and take care of a space in which women may be.
By stepping into her beingness she becomes a conduit for gifts from the divine realm.
The gifts that come through her are babies, wisdom, intuition, and divine love energy.

Men have two feet firmly set in this world, while women have one foot in this world and one foot in the mysterious world from ever which we came.
Women are the literal portals into this world: right though their vaginas people come into this world.
Women usher people into this world, helping them to acclimate here, while men teach them how to be here.
Men's gifts are of this world, while women's are of the other side.
Women are men's access to the gifts of the other world, while men protect and take care of women in this world so that she may access it.
Together they bring gifts in from the other side.

The feminine divine loves men, as men love women, and women love children.
The two ways by which men can access the divine feminine are through Mother Nature and through a woman who has attained such a state of being that she has become as a conduit of the feminine divine.
The more often this woman becomes as a conduit of the feminine divine, the more like a Goddess she will become. And the man caring for her so that she may reach this state, will make love to a Goddess.

Four ways by which a man feeds a woman energy:

  1. His presence feeds a woman energy. Simply being in the same room or house feeds her.
  2. His focused attention, his eye contact.
  3. His complements, if she is receptive to him.
  4. His love making.

There exists a balance of power between men and women.
A man can kill a woman physically.
A woman can kill a man spiritually.
Men have been made bigger and stronger so that the may disengage and run away.
As tempting as it may be for a man to physically attack a woman, he must resist, as it is a self-betrayal to do so.
Men are built to protect and take care of women, no matter the provocation. He can always leave.

Do not fight with a woman. You will always loose. By engaging a woman with your focused attention, you are feeding her your energy. She is taking your energy and beating you up with it. Also, a woman can mistake the energy you are feeding her for the blast of righteous energy that all humans feel when they engage their own anger and they are right. Instead, take your energy away from her.
When you feel the sick sensation that comes on when a woman unsheathes her spiritual claws:

  1. Take your eyes off of her, looking to the side and down.
  2. Tell her if she can't talk to you about the matter at hand with some respect, you are going to leave.
  3. Give her one chance to correct her manner of speech.
  4. Leave.
    Especially if she was wrong, the wind of your energy will be knocked out of her sails.
  5. Go out to Mother Nature where you will find spiritual healing for the damage she may have done. It will be both grounding and healing for you.

If as you are leaving she wants to know where you are going, go ahead and tell her (hunting, fishing, the ocean, etc.). On some deep level she will understand that you are going to the Goddess.

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