SO RIGHT SO WRONG, don't know what happened

in love •  last year 

Am writing this post deep down in pain, really can't explain how hurt I am, would had love to tell the world about it but she won't welcome it even when I know I was right and same time wrong....

Ain't perfect, but am sure I told you I could wait thinking you where preparing your mind for it, didn't had any negative thought about us from the on-set, we where connected like we already knew each other, I could feel it when you say you love me but don't know how you feel when I say to you I love you (pretty sure you know).

I had several thought why you really don't want it, my answer was you don't want it to be a sharing submission never knew I was commissioned to love you only, I had plans on it but all turns out not to be as planned.

I already read a lot about not allowing your feelings out as a man, I had ever be a counter of that, I can't resist the excitement and happiness when ever am in love, and when ever am talking to you, you could feel my happiness and sad time tru my voice.

Just like the movie we watch together, ain't good in explanation, I don't know what happened, I believe in saying the truth, what you said right in my eyes was supposed to hurt me but didn't hurt me what you said about my feelings, that I didn't care is the worst lie you ever said to yourself.. What will you say about when you where hungry and I was hungry same time and you weren't happy and I could feel deep down in me as far as we are, how about the free mindset we have between ourselves, opened hearted and no secret.

My heart code! Only you knows how to take me off the shit, I know dip down in you, I wasn't the one talking all those shit, why wasn't he up, signs you should know all was just a drama but am hurt because I shouldn't be the one doing all that, am sorry.

Am sorry, and my eyes are full of water immediately you left, I couldn't see you off because I was ashamed of myself.

Am just a human, am not like you, my wickness is your strength and your wickness is my strength.

Am here to say honey, am right and am wrong am sorry for the wrong.

You already understood me even when you have to say some silly words when you are angry, I know those words you don't mean it

I don't want to have any other woman dear, let this be the final relationship. I want you and wuld want to spend the rest of my life with you, help me to build on my wickness, that's what partners do honey, my companion, my love, my heart code, I love you and don't give up on me Oga wife.....

Am deeply sorry TAMARA....

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