What Do Men Care About More? Level of Appearance or Figure?

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It's a facing-judging world, as long as a good face,whether men or women,  seems to have more convenience and privileges than ordinary people, whether in the employment process, or in the choice of a spouse.

Women in particular more than men at this point.If they go out without makeup, people will assume that they are impolite, disrespectful, but no one will ask men to have a six-pack.

This is a huge difference between men and women. I watched a  dating show last night. In fact, it is quite arrogant. The male guest who is in good condition, has experience in studying abroad, and graduated from a famous school.He is now in his own business, and his appearance is not bad, but it is not the best, nor is it the type that makes women stupid, but the facial features are more positive.

The female guests on the show are very fond of him. Two of them are the most interested, and they are very earnest in expressing their attitude:I want to take a drag with you and want you to take me away.

But at the last minute, he didn't take anyone. He found many reasons to excuse himself...In fact, everyone sees it, he doesn’t like them.He felt that their face was too general, and he was really "no blessings." Even his mother couldn't help but scream that his son demanded high, and finally chose to give up, not for other reasons.

At that moment, everyone’s facial expressions were solidified. I felt that he was very self-willed and not sincere. Maybe he came to the show and had another purpose.

From the eyes of the two female guests, I read the incomprehensibility and anger. 

Being rejected is a normal thing, but for many girls, the reason for being rejected is that the value of the face is not up to standard, is it a personal attack?

Try to imagine that if you like someone very much and think that he meets all your expectations for an ideal boyfriend, you clearly say“I like you very much and are willing to be with you”.But he just said“I am sorry, your appearance is too ordinary, not the type I like”... At that moment, How big is the injury area of girls? 

I have read a book that explains the idea that a man as a male animal, his instinct is to get more female resources than to get married.

Therefore, when he is in the process of men and women's love, there are actually two strategies:one is the short-term mate strategy  that not many hard standards.  If her body is very good such as chest big, buttocks and so on, will arouse him more impulses even if the woman looks very general. He will also be very heart-warming, after all, his true purpose is just to sleep in her for a short time.

But if it is a long-term mate strategy.he will consider the look good or not, and will consider the level of the gene, in his opinion,In this way,  it is an ideal marriage.

Of course, both rich men and men who don't have money like beautiful women. These women seem to be very tempting.

But when it comes to the level of marriage, he will selfishly hope that he is his first man, which is the ideal of all men.

You, as his girlfriend, only see his thoughtful and meticulous side. But you don't know how many women he slept with  before he gets married.

When you feel that he is impeccable, you should also realize that this is the result of having  intercourse with countless predecessors. No man is born with a gentlemanly manner, and he is polite and polite in his speech.

What we need to understand is that when a man is choosing a spouse, they care the woman's looks and body,  and they want both a good face and a devil-like figure.

The so-called eye rim is actually choosing the appearance.

The so-called love at first sight, in fact, most of the time is the "face." Especially in the process of blind date, if the man's own conditions are not bad, such as the economy, family, appearance are in the middle, or even the best. He doesn't like ordinary women, even if he is always in a single state.

A woman who looks less beautiful looks married to a very handsome man. This kind of example exists in real life, but it is relatively rare, and this woman must have other advantages to make up for the difference in her face value, such as Human wisdom, extraordinary ability to make money, and so on. Men hate women's reality, in fact, the most realistic is men, women have emotional side in their feelings.

Men are full of reason, love or marriage in their feelings. This is actually a choice after weighing the pros and cons.

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