A Gift from A Puerto Rican Angel!

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My early Christmas Card from a fine loving talented great lady, @blacklux!! Love you for this!

Personal Christmas Card.png

Digital Art by @blacklux.


Lux profile.jpg

Luz, aka @blacklux, is the creator of Adoptme Project and also Mod for @qurator and @monochromes.



This post is my way of saying thank you to @blacklux, for being there and showing her love to a stranger, aka ME!

I first knew Luz when I just starting to get more involved in writing posts at Steemit. I requested to be adopted by her when I saw her Adoptme Project. She did and we started our one-week relationship where I will call her my mommy, also with a special aunt @swedishdragon, who both of them have given me the greatest support which encourages me to keep posting. I still forever remember them and feeling grateful for that.

After that, we lost contact again since Steemit is such a large community. Until we meet again when I was accepted by Qurator as their member.

By right, I am not a person who easily opens up to others, but strangely I can talk to Luz. When I am down, she listens, and she always makes me laugh with her "Hurricane rider" attitude! Blessed you for that Luz!!

I'm not very good with words, so this is how I express my gratitude, love and appreciations to this lovely lady, who is still supporting me and even draw me this card just to cheer me up!!

Well, okay that all I wanted to express and I hope you all Steemians can check out her "Adoptme Project" whenever she starts again and support her work and posts. She's a talented, creative artist and photographer!!

Joe Lai

Joe Steemit divider.jpg

Thank you for stopping by, this is a place where I can share the things I enjoy in life, art, gardening, nature, foods. This is why my divider above are filled with all the different kind of icons that I love doing. I hope you enjoy my post so far, leave me a comment if you like.
谢谢您的到访,这里是个我可以分享关于我所喜爱的生活,包括艺术,园艺,大自然,食物等等的地方。 这就是为什么我上面的页脚全都是我喜欢做的不同类型的图标。 我希望您喜欢我的帖子,如果您喜欢,不妨留下您的评语。

Proud Member of:


Proud Member of @qurator.

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Proud curator and editor of @cn-malaysia



Just like your profile pix, she captured your expression very well.

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Thank you my friend, she's a great talent!

She's really talented indeed!! It look just like you.

Yes she is!

Awwww, stoooop! You making me blush here!

You know I'm always gonna be there for ya! Love ya!

Hahahaha!!! Love ya too!

awww that is so cool!
And yea.. all true about Luzi hat you wrote there :))

Thanks @ewkaw!! She's great!

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS Power House Creatives family!
upvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you very much for the support given, always!

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