love life part 2

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After the rain fell ,I felt so cold and I thought so much about you, I remember you and I started going deep into every moment we had.
Look at my life
I fell into four sentences and four words
I fell in love and gave myself PAIN
I fell in love and missed a step to my GOAL
I fell in love but I was USED
I fell in love and now,I have missed her lips
Fourth of March 2017,was a day my heart pumped so much, I felt so weak,someone told me day before that day that it is inevitable but I looked at him as a fool.The love of my life was with the enemy of my life having sex in her office, I just kept on watching, then I went down down on till I got to the floor, sat on it and kept on watching. I asked myself, what's so important about this sex,I just wanna get married to you and I will give you all of it,I was coming to propose to her then I saw this. I kept on watching, could not say anything, my mouth could not move because I was shocked by what I saw.the enemy of my life so me and he continued but she didn't know at all, he mocked me as he continue.
Tears could not come out of my eyes ,word could not come out of my mouth,she was all I wanted, she was my life.they were though with the rubbish they were doing and she saw me,She shouted and my enemy laughed so loud at me, she came to meet me where I was sitting hopeless, she beg that I should understand but I just kept on staring at her then I gave her the last kiss from a painful heart and became something usual, each time I got to her office she always in the act (sex) with the same person.
Three month passed away and this continued, we still use to talk and I felt so bad each time I see her.My boss called me to his office on a very sad day, he said to me, Mr Joe you have being falling in all your activities in this company, what is wrong? I told him it just that my grandpa die and he was like a best friend to me,he laughed as he brought out a white envelope and handed it over to me .I opened it and it was a transfer letter, I asked for another opportunity but he left without saying a word ,the branch I was transferred to was a very small branch and they are not well paid ,I followed him and continue to ask beg for another opportunity but he entered his car and left. I got home, went straight to my room and I saw my face in at mirror and it could read to me all what I have being going on in my left. I laughed so loud that night for a very long period then I started pouring out all my tears ,I cried more than a little kid.Their is this song my best friend use to sing it says
and that why women live longer than men.
I cried so much and didn't know when I slept off.I work up so strong and I laughed again ,I said to myself MY MAN LIFE GO'S ON
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