"The Ladder of Time"

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Day by Day,

As I continue to climb the ladder of time,
I am acutely aware that I draw closer to the point
Where I can climb no further, whether the body
Gives out or
I run out of ladder.

It is inevitable;
Something we all will face,
We draw nearer to
That point with every breath we take from
The moment we are born.

Not something to be happy about,
But also something that should not be
Dwelt upon either.

What is important is what you
DO in the time between your
First and last Breath.

Did you leave a lasting gift
Of loving memories for those
Friends and family who will miss

Is your legacy one of
Peacemaking, of people
Did you spend your life in
Spite, Or worse;
The Pointless
Pursuit of

“The Ladder of Time”

Jerry E Smith

Sun,sunlight, sunray and horizon

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So true... so much to ponder... and reflect upon...