Broken Heart

in #love5 years ago (edited)

No one wants to wake up to a broken heart.
A broken heart is common,
waking up to it is common too
but no one wants that.
History is filled with it,
yet humans couldn't evolve in it.
We try to , we fail still.
No one wants to be told he or she is not good enough all at once
without a fore warning from the one you place all your trust, hope upon.
A broken heart is nothing, the shock is the problem.
"If you wanna break it, let me know before hand"
"But telling you breaks it"
So breaking a heart always have to be sudden.
No, you could send signs.
How will you of that?
There is a shortcut.
Just be stupidly honest,
and you will save the breakee a lot of pain.

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