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Most people these days come from broken home, were mothers pick up the responsibility of raising her kids alone because her partner isn’t around to give the support he should be. Memories of time spend with the biological fathers of people brought up in broken homes are mostly filled with a lot of pain and tortures, from fights, abuse and bad parenting.


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At a tender age the mother picks up these obligations to act as also a father figure to her children and proved for them with quality education to her best capabilities given her skill set and drive.

Now that little kid has grown into a fine man (or woman), financially stable and prospering and then there comes this urge to try to make things right or look for that father who never believed he or she would amount to anything. Some people hire private detectives to find this person that has caused so much pain, just to finally meet them and melt like butter! The grown man begins to cry as to his misfortune and so does the young man or woman.


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Sometimes the drive that pushes people into this adventure to look for their fathers is the need to feel better showing off that you came out of your struggle better than expected and to give the father you never had that guilt. we end up going as far as flashing nice things here and there also taken care of his immediate need and future needs hoping that he would feel the pain he has caused. Unknown to most people we experience guilt in degrees and some of us never really feel guilt because they have programmed themselves to thinking they are always right.


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As far as that man is concerned, they were deserving of all the pain and hate he gave freely but he is going to say he is sorry now because I mean, look at him. He can't pay for his medications and other issues that he may have so he realizes he needs you. He's going to embrace with both hands and exploit this golden opportunity given to him.

At this point most people get lost in this good feeling of making people who may have abandoned them for some reason feel guilty for doing so and do not realize when they are being taken advantage of! They let their guards down unconsciously seeking acceptance still until you get hurt in the process.


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yet it is totally fine to do good things even when we have been hurt by the people we are doing them for we just have to take precaution while doing so, usually if you are going through a phase like this in your live it would be good to have some professional guide and advise you on how to go about this. There is a reason why things in the past are best left where they are
Don’t get burnt by the same fire twice hoping the flames would feel differently because the color has gone from red to blue.


The life always has a lot of difficulty, we have to know how to get it over, right?

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