You are in my heart

in #lovelast month

There are two retired professors in the university. They are a model couple. It is said that they have never blushed for more than 30 years. It is said that they call each other "you" whether in public or in private. After dinner every day, I can see them cuddling and walking on the campus in the evening. Every time they walked past a small stream with a few stones, the old man had to tighten his wife’s hand, and every time they walked through the stream, the wife would say to the old man: "Thank you and trouble you. NS."
Is it love to be so polite for a lifetime? The disciple who was familiar with the old professor raised the question to the professor and his wife. The mother said calmly: "He has never said anything about love, but I think it's pretty good." The old professor said to his wife, "Have you never said love or anything to me? After speaking, the two looked at each other and laughed like naughty children.
The death of the old man changed our view. We began to think that his wife would not be able to bear the sorrowful husband and let her go first. Who knows that she has always been very calm and calm, and orderly doing things for her husband. At the last farewell, she lifted her husband's hand and put it on her face. "My dear, I love you. I have always wanted to tell will always be in my heart...I will also be with you soon...wait until that day, I have to trouble you to hold my hand again ......" This was the first time she cried bitterly after her husband died.
Later, when I was reading the newspaper, I came across another interpretation of the word "you". In addition to being a respectable name, I said that "you" has another meaning. If you separate the word "you" up and down to understand it, it means "you". In my heart". Unexpectedly, the word "you" could be explained in this way. I couldn't help being surprised, and I thought of the professor's husband and wife in the university...