I love You Message

in love •  last year

I love your laughter and smile
I love you for everything that makes you happy
I love you for being strong
I love how your heart never give up
I love how you take care of the family
I love you for the simple happinesss you gave us
I love you for being you
I love you for understanding us
I love you for the patience you've showed
I love you for being lovable
I love you for the simple gesture and effort you exerted
I love you for the trust you believe
Thank you for being faithful and loyal
Thank you for the blessings
Thank you for your kind heart
You have no idea, you are our strength
You will allways be in our heart and soul forever
You are a gift from God
You are special
You will always be rising in our heart till eternity


-written by @fernwehninja

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great writting friend and lovely photografhy with family 😊


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Shed no more tears,
for your loved ones
who have gone before
they are loved because
their works still speak
tear no more my children
only pass the love around
so you can impact on others
at last you will be where
others who share the love of their creator
beautiful home beyond the skies.download.jpeg


Waooooo.... It seems we have a lot of poets here. This is awesome.
Loved ones are priceless, it is saddening when people we value so much are gone. May God give them the fortitude to bear at the loss, it is well.

May his soul rest in peace. I wish the family strength and everything to make his loss less painful.

Condolence to the whole family.

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Very lovely and beautiful post @istillrise. You have defined your love and feelings in very well manner. I really appreciate your thoughts and creative mind.
Stay blessed!
Thanks for sharing such a nice post.


I agree with totally.
Well written and chronologically arranged.

That was a beautiful message
I cannot but say this, I will copy some of it. A message worth reading.
May the soul of the departed rest in the Boston of God

May he rest in peace 😕


Amen..... Such a pity😥

My tears are poring. I know how you feel. I am missing my mom every day. My condolences to you and your loved ones​. All well.

beautiful pictures. i like it.

Ohhh mind blowing, superb story 👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍

Very lovely poem and thought! Nice work. Very thoughtful and emotional.

My deepest condolences

very nice message, love the way you write it and share here on steemit.

You will always stay in our hearts BRADER.., may you rest and peace..,