Journey Love

in #love6 years ago

A journey of love
Begin by loving each other
Love is never sad
Because love of mutual understanding

Love becomes brittle
When love lasts so long
With sadness
Love is broken, love is ruined
And love can not last

In love there is only
Worthless sacrifice
Because love can not last
Sebernanya for what people seek love
Love is painful
Love does not need to be searched again
Because love is not a god
That can make us happy all the time

Love is only instantaneous
Because love only feel
After that love is lost, that love will be destroyed
By itself without being noticed
For love now
It's just a game
Love now never understands
Love is now only a dream that passes
That you can never meet
At this time, and, later


Good post @iskandardauzi, sukses selalu ya..

Jik ada kesempatan, silahkan berkunjung di blog sy @halim08

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