in love •  last year


I wish to be with you forever,

Like tides and moon that share their love together.

In the silent night I dream forever,

About the love we have for each other,

Tides and moon shall dance forever,

Eternity of love that lasts forever.
Picture is from public domain

This poem is symbolic and meaningful to my girlfriend and I. My girlfriend has always been there and I will always be there for her. It has always been like this, ever since we first met.

Original poetry written by @imperialaussie


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Lovely stuff man, its a pleasure to hear feelings from the soul put into words :)

Funny I come across this today... being Valentines day :-)

Its probably the best that can happen in a life, to meet the one you truly feel about like that. Glad it happened for you (me too ;-) )

nice picture