The thing about love.

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Love is key to living a happy and fruitful life.
Love is the elixir of life and it holds in it all the ingredients to make it a life worth living for and most times, dieing for.

The universe has a display screen that announced when everyone comes in, what they are doing and not doing, when they fail and when they are not failing.

If a man can be happy without love, then the world would not be what it is today.
The more hate is spread and practiced, the more love is appreciated because it makes it all work the struggle to make it count.

The thing about love is that, it isn't final and it doesn't have a pool of ideas waiting somewhere for the lover boy or girl to go get ideas.
You just run with what you do not have to be able to make a sense of what it is that exists around us.

The thing about love is that, despite being what makes us happy it is also what is responsible for making us sad.

The thing about love is that, when it becomes too much, it becomes the burden we all have to live by and carry with us.

The thing about love is that when it isn't enough, we become rebels seeking for something much more bigger than what is offered.

The thing about love is that, no one knows it all and no one knows how to make it work completely. There is no absolute to how best to handle love.

The thing about love is that, we all should and have to learn how to be happy with what we have.
You cannot ever find two perfect people paired together in relationship so deal with your deal.

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