A new day with little damsel

in #love3 years ago (edited)

I met this young lady at the tutor, trying to talk to her she is like she dont have time,but i later talk to her and threaten her about love.

Im happy shes now ,mine.
Good morning to all steemian am her to tell you about a young lady i met,shes not that tall, shes fair in complexion,shes not that fat and im satisfy with that.

Love is good and is the most emotional thing on earth when you are with the right person,have been on yo several girl and what i always brought out as a result is always sad because all they know is heart breaker.

And thats has been the padtr presently the girl i meet has been assuring me and that makes the relayionship cool and lively.IMG_20180720_084444.jpg
Although am not also bad as a guy but am always sad of something i have a baby face with old age and that affect me in relationship because girl are always like so you are more older than me.

But when i do look ay the sky all i see is love,Damilola is all i crush on noe and that make me so crazy about love although she dont know how much i love her but am sure if she knows she might br over joyful thats why i dont bother to show her but i love her too much because she calm my soul.

And i know all steemian knows whats it takes to get all this gor a new girlfriend but am assuring her a little thing not like porshe but something higher than that which is my heart.

She makes me act like a fool,omo mi dada lomo yen,shes the one i think of all night and day she make me feel on top of the world whenever am with her ,baby i am for real ,i am for real baby girl you are such miracle,, you make me feel am the president of this world not even the country,that amazing really need you and you will be mine forever horlly carez


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