The less you invest in your ego the more Love becomes visible.

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The mind is often polluted with drama, judgement, fear and limited believes. Meditating will help to clear the mind but after that it will be filled with the ego again. Instead of ego you can let it fill with Love. Specifically the laws and thoughts of Love. These are your original thoughts of oneness before you created your own.

Practically it just means to return from form to spirit and from duality to oneness. This will eventually always happen after the body lost its purpose. But before that happens you can enjoy your experience of your physical communication vehicle and communicate hate and fear or educate love and health.

Generally Love is accepted in this world but the interpretation of what love is will differ. This interpretation is always of the ego because the heart knows the truth.

Of Course the ego will attack this view (it is not his view) and uses the body as argument. The body must be protected because the body is life and sacrifices have to be made for it to survive. This is never love but it is conflict and victimhood.

Should we be assholes or fearful because we are just happen to be in this world and unaware of the laws of Love? Are we ego because we have bodies? Is there no solution?

The path to Love can be instantly, in a year or in thousands of years. What you can do every moment is to increase your vibration. The higher the vibration the more you heal.

You can go from depression and fear to joy and inner health. It can be for a moment or for longer periods.

With every decision or action ask yourself 'Does my motivation come from Love or fear?' Just be aware which source you choose from.

If you feel triggered by this it is time to let the ego (your ally) go and start your journey back home.

Love is and the ego projects.


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