letting go gallantly

in #love4 years ago


Remember to leave loved ones with loving words because it may be the last time you may see them and bidding farewell vehemently without showing any indignation even though your heart is being ripped off.Te let anger prevail over your voice while speaking for the last time will surely make you regret in the later future so let you silently walk away with the smile of silence over your face though your heart is being sliced by the dagger and the blood of anger is flowing out.
yet oh mad heart be brave at that time
oh mad heart be brave
and at that time the silence is the most courageous act you can perform and surely you can regret anything in your life but not silence.There is courage in letting go and holding to something which doesn't belong to you will only add misery to your life and you can't water the dead roots no matter how much water you will give to the dead roots nothing will grow up.

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