The rules women should understand--------女人应该懂得的规则

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Take care of your mouth, do not eat anything that is harmful to your body, don't talk to strangers, don't kiss someone who is not possible.

No, love to buy, try to restart, it's none of your business, I don't give a damn. Often using these 5 simple and rough rules, you will solve the problem of life 80%.

Do not use things, and then cheap, do not buy; do not love people, and then do not rely on loneliness.

The face is really important, if you look good, life is like hanging.

Life always makes us hurt everywhere, and those who do not say "export" are growing up.

You don't care about your work when you are sick, and you are your friend. Do not alienate your friends from work.

The poor in the streets are not asked, rich in the mountains have a distant relative to your economic capacity, and you have the right to speak in direct proportion.

There is no work book in the workplace, only the report card. Pay attention to improving efficiency rather than prolonging working time.

People don't comment on people, will not broken, is one of the best cultivation.

Mature rice, will always be their low noble head. When it is not suitable for shouting, you must learn to shut up and settle down to enrich yourself.













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