Love Monster

in #love5 years ago

love monster.jpg

For the longest time, I lost my nerve.

I forgot that all the hurt and pain that I had experienced, has taught me a lesson in heart-felt compassion and deep understanding.

Selfishly, I concentrated on my own pain.

The answer has always been that I selflessly serve others with the beauty and dignity of my talents.

Yet my soul cried out for the loss it has endured, while narcissists derided me as needy, for the loss of my children, my right to be simply-human, denied for my life-time.

One day I stood up and proclaimed to the forest around me, requiring that the trees themselves courier my message, inter branch by nature - you can't make me unkind.

You can't force me to become the monster in your mind.

That's your monster, not mine.

I will be a love monster.

I will be kind.

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