Finding You

in #love3 years ago


This swirling feeling, could it be love?
Or just an infatuation confusing me like a fog
We walk down this road full of art,
And as your loving gaze warms my heart


Slowly and surely, without hesitation,
You erased my past full of trepidation
Reaching, you hold my hand with care,
With your charming scent that hung in the air


Like the sea breeze that whispers in my ears,
You, by my side, wiped all my tears
Watching the unending ripple of the waves,
To me, is like the love you gave

As the captivating sunset painted the sky,
I guess I can say the words, “Let’s try”
With your arms wraps me with sincerity,
And thoughts of you and me to infinity


You assure me with sweet appreciations
And remind me in gentle confrontations
You don’t only listen to my suggestions
But also think well in every decision



Every small thing you learn to appreciate
The things others tend to depreciate
You take risks with the right mindset
And grateful for anything you might get



You also start to put yourself in others' shoes
To find the truth first before you accuse
You speak clearly for us not to be confuse
And sometimes share jokes just to amuse

For every effort, you do it not just for a show
For letting love and happiness between us flow
And for the times you never ignore your Creator
I’m glad to say “I DO” in front of our ancestors


Photo Credits: Google

(A/N: Our output for our subject, Creative writing)

Enjoy reading ^_^

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