My Experience in Love

in love •  last year 

It’s no joke the way we love so true and at the end we get hurt. The only question I keep asking and can’t find an answer to is that “how come we don’t know what would happen along the line in that relationship we are in or going into?”

Though, that sounds crazy but we really need to look into it. Heartbreak has killed a lot of people and still kills everywhere around the world everyday. Some may not be physical death as we all know. I’m talking about emotional death. That’s sometimes worst than physical death. We should not overlook one more thing, which is “Some became mentally sick” and never remain their real self. Would there be a better thing we would ever desire when what we believe would make us happy and keep us smiling instead put us in the biggest pain.

What more do we do WHEN LOVE HURT? Sit and cry or even hurt ourselves more? Commit suicide or murder? NO!!! It’s not worth it at all. What’s love? What’s is it made of? What does love do? How does it function? Why does it hurt? Why do people say it’s a beautiful? Why is it the best experience to some and worst to others? You are actually asking the same questions right? I am not surprised to have Different definition to these questions by different people. They all have different points of view. I remember loving a lady who ended up betraying me. Yea, it hurt so bad. To be honest with myself, that was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. And I didn’t just think of the hurt alone, I thought of some other little but crucial things we always omit. Or should I say we neglect that fact that we have our faults too? Anyhow we put it, if the person was given a chance to talk, he/she would definitely have a reason and maybe some genuine points too which we never thought or could believe. True or faults, people change with time.

Holding back someone who’s no longer in love with you will not only end up hurting you but distabilize you. Love is not what you force neither is it a “do or die” affair. You being Honest in a marriage or relationship is good, but that still don’t assure you of not being heartbroken or disappointed. Yes, that’s the truth. Either it hurts or sounds pleasing, say it as it is. I’d prefer being fooled than being the one fooling someone. That sounds pleasing to some, but displeasing to others. Being oneself is good, being hurt is a lesson. That makes me look crazy… That’s my personal believe. I remember I was once told by a friend never to trust a lady. I said “let me trust and be the fool”. To him, I’m the greatest fool on earth, but to me, I believe ‘what would be would be’. I don’t need to force a relationship that seems not working out. Though it’s good to try and fight for what you love, but there must always be a line you must never cross in other not to end up regretting. Being true, faith, and real to oneself and others will not only earn you respect, but take you beyond your widest thought or imagination.

Not all the seed we planted will germinate and grow to give us more. So, don’t always expect too much in a relationship marriage. Just do your part and be honest. Love is sweet and beautiful and it’s what we all want or need. What keeps us smiling without a reason. If love is a beautiful thing, then tell me why it hurts

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