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What is love?

Love is a strong feeling that makes two or more people to be in unity.

Where everything fails, love always prevail.1Cor.13:13

We have four types of love

  • Eros Love: Sexual love
  • Philo: Friendship Love
  • Agape Love: Unconditional Love
  • Stooge Love: The love that will soon end.

Our major concern here is AGAPE LOVE
It is the greatest type of love.
It has no measure.
It is unconditional
It is after giving without much concern about receiving.
It suffereth long, and is kind
It does not envy. It does not think about itself alone but also think about others.
It does not puffed up,
It does not behave itself unseemly,
Is not easily provoked and it thinketh no evil.
It Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.
It endures all things and it believes all things.
It if filled with hope for better days.

Agape Love never fails
It always seek for the greatest good for the one he/she loves.
It is an undeserved kind of love.
It is the end time love that bounds couples.

Who is love?

God is love(1John 48)
Jesus Christ says "The greatest fruit of the Spirit is love".

Love is greater than the law.
As wonderful as love is, it can be used for selfish interest(Eye service kind of love).

The type of love that should be found among our relationships, colleagues, homes and families should be Agape Love.

How to combat Selfish Love.

  • Always give without expecting anything in return:

It break hearts when you give to someone in expectation of getting something back and you are not getting it. One of the best ways not to feel hurt when you give is to give without expecting anything in return. You won't be moved even though you didn't get anything in return since you've made up your mind to give without expecting anything.

  • Walk always in the Spirit of God.

The flesh will always want something that will be pleasing and rossy to himself without fully considering how other people will feel, but walking in the spirit and be filled with the Spirit of God will help you to care more about others without being selfish as the Spirit of God will be your guide.

  • Live for others:

We are created to complement each other. We find out that there are many people out there who only care about themselves. That is why you will see some government politicians claiming the resources that is meant to for the general public to themselves and their family without considering the feelings of those that voted them in.

If you really love someone you will really try all your possible best to make him/her feel better and consider his/her well being.

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Love have no words no describe

Only God's Holy Spirit can teach us to love like Him.
Else, we'll just "love" like the religious moralist.

So, in all thy "lovely" gettings, get God's Holy Spirit; He's truly all you need!

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