The Everlasting Love

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An Eternal, Everlasting Love

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Love is what the world needs
A love that is everlasting
A love asking for no return
A love that's never considered an investment

Yes, love is the most magical thing in this world
But sometimes, it's based on an illusion
One must understand that love is rampant
But so with cruelty and rage

We're living in an earth that is unearthly
We love on the wrong people
And being loved by the people we don't feel

Love should start from yourself
Before you love others, start with your self
Everyone needs to understand that love
Fades and must be pushed by efforts

Where's the Love?


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Great Post.
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The love that has penetrated in our veins,
The love in which nothing to vain.
The love in which there is no strain,
The love which is impossible to faint.
#efrenmangubat you will find nowhere except dreams

Love can turn bitter into sweet, dust turns pearl, cloudy becomes clear,
Toxic so honey, ill be healthy, prison become palace, pain be happy, and anger become affection

Somethimes I think, that kind of love is just for dreamers
and I am just one of them
I think that theres no place for that kind of love in this world
but I see it struglle, I see it fighting
I see that kind of love in random faces and acts
I really see it but its hidden
blessed be the one who owns it
blessed be the one who charish it

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Sometimes it's not about explaining love, just about feeling it .. // nice words

I guess it all depends on your definition of the word love, as the famous love chapter in the book of Corinthians says... BEAUTIFULLY "Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. "

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@efrenmangubat, your post is just perfect. I wish it was possible for your post to be turned as banner or poster and shared worldwide. The content need to be instigated into individuals life, society and nations.

Love can save us from war and conflict. I am going to resteem this post after my comment.

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Love starts from you, give love but don't subtract it from the love you are giving yourself.

Ever lasting love is God's unfailing love for man...

Hi, I'm new to the steemit community, I love your publication, it inspires me, I invite you to see my first publication, I hope you like and support me, blessings!

hello simply beautiful, I share what you have expressed with a lot of feeling, thanks for compsrtir succes

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