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Love Is the key word

in love •  4 months ago

images (9).jpg Love is what brings a people together as one. We claim to love our neighbour but it is not reflecting on how we relate to people. You cannot say you love me and you cannot correct me when I go wrong. You cannot say you love me and you cannot fight for me. You cannot say you love me and you gossip about me to other people. You cannot say you love me and you cannot help me out when I'm in need of help. You cannot claim to love me when you speak evil of me, you cannot say you love me when I'm in need of a job and you have the right connections to get me a job and you cannot help me get a job through your connections... Love is what holds the world up till this day.I have seen brothers betraying brothers, sisters betray sisters, friends betraying friends, children betraying parents.
Love doesn't tell lies. Looking at a country like Nigeria, this is a gifted nation with people from diverse culture in it. Strong and enriched with mineral resources. The state of the Nigerian economy is where it is today because there is no love existing among the people and most especially, our leaders, because if our leaders truly love the people, then they wouldn't embezzle money, instead they will ensure that the money been stolen is used to better the lives of Nigerians. This country would have been a better place to live in, if only we decided to love each other and bring back the oneness to this nation.
Love is the key🔑 word. Let there be love😍.

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