Love needs truth

in #love3 years ago

We have divided the gospel into two separate gospels. One is the gospel of ‘love’. The other is the gospel of truth-and-love. Then we have chosen the gospel of ‘love’ and given up the gospel of truth. The result is that this ‘love’ we refer to has no definition or meaning. As result ‘love’ is simply whatever anyone says it is at any moment, and no one notices what the implicit definition leaves out and how that definition is always changing. The result is that our love is no longer truthful; it has no particular characteristics and no staying-power. It has no ability to form people so that they can mature and continue to love no matter what happens. We have got used to half-truths and falsehoods, and do not notice the damage that these half-truths have been doing to our people. Truth and all the practices of learning good judgment which allow us to tell truth from falsehood have been withheld. We have robbed another of the means by which we can judge and as a result all the social fabric by which we knew who we were is in tatters.