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I was talking to a Friend yesterday and we tend to have conversations about life and philosophy and our existential existence, he was telling me about some of the hiccups that had happened in his day and it occurred to me that when I dish out my views it it is really helpful to me in remembering what I know, but don't always apply.
WE ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO, BUT DON'T ALWAYS DO WHAT WE KNOW, one of the topics we covered was about fear and how you can change your emotions by using transformational vocabulary. When you have the emotion of fear, two great expressions that come to mind is False Emotions Appearing Real and Feeling Excited And Ready, just by changing your inner dialogue about fear can turn this disempowering emotion into something empowering, a simple reframing of our thoughts can be so powerful.
Another one I find really useful when something you perceive as bad has happened to you, is to say that this hasn't happened to me, it has happened for me, instantly changing from a victim mentality to a pondering of OK what is the lesson I can learn from this ? And what can I do to turn this situation around ?
It seems that there is a lot of change going on in the world, pushing us out of our comfort zones, old paradigms are falling apart, but our ego is designed to make us feel safe and protected, so wants to cling onto old patterns. Having a few simple tools can help overcome this, if someone offends you, are you allowing them to offend you by getting caught up in the ego trap ? Taking a step back and saying, well I don't really know what is happening in their life, they are on a different journey to me and blessing the situation from a place of love is a great reframe.
What if you walk around today and when you catch your inner chatter saying something that doesn't serve you, you replace it with an inner mantra of just one word, LOVE, just repeating love over and over in your head for one day can change your whole perspective !
Love to you all and have a great weekend !

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