An Ode To Friendship: From One Bitch To Another💓 🐶

in love •  last year

Do any of you guys have that friend who just annoys you so much? You almost can't stand to be around them,

but you have to be, because you're in the same friendship circle?

Well that is who I am to my good friend Lilo, a.k.a. beautiful fluffy white dog over here.

Today I want to say thank you to her for our friendship... There she is letting me sit in her bed with her, when I know she would rather sit there by herself.

There she is, only having eyes for humans. And there I am, only having eyes for her.

Sometimes I try and give her a kiss but she just turns her head away. Thats okay, I know I'm overstepping the boundaries of a normal friendship

I love you so much Lilo. I know that I don't respect your personal space, and I never let you have alone time when you come to sleep over. I would say that I would try and work on myself, but we all know that I won't...

As long as you know you are beautiful and I will always be here for you if you need me. I will let you eat food from my bowl anytime.

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hahahaha that is AWESOME :)


thank you @rlamasb. 🐾 I'm sure you must be that type of friend to someone as well :)


Let's just not go there! 😂😂😂


What are you guys talking about???



thank you @justsailey 🐾

Hahahah! They are so cute! Love it!


You are the cutest @dogwithablog. Unrequited love can be so cruel . Xxx


hehe thank you @cyclingchef.
It's okay I don't think my feelings are too hurt 🐾

Funny! :)


thank you @belciuge, glad I could amuse you 🐾

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