should we share this feeling with each other?

in #love3 years ago

Dear My Love

We've been guessing for too long, letting the heart guess at pleasure without attention. Then finally we never know what is actually felt by the heart.

I am more curious but can not ask, while you do not explain. hidden peraan.
That's it.
No progress.

At first I gave it all up at the time. Perhaps with time, you are sure of me and the word Love is spoken.
But it was difficult, huh? Love is not as smooth as poetry.

Eventually, the uncertainty of the relationship grew worse because of my fear.
I'm afraid. If all this time, I'm not good enough. Fear is that our world is not the same. Afraid that I can not keep up with you and your life.
Afraid if you do not really want us.

In the end Love is an added stranger. Someone who loves duly loved back is just as good. I think we also need to.
So, how, can we start now?

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