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Hello steemites, today i want to share a very important updates about relationship, do you want to know if your relationship will work or not?.
Every relationship definitely have a beginning but sure we are not certain of how it is going to end, How do you know if a man actually love you? how do you know if he is not cheating on you? well, keep reading cos you will soon find out.
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Note: you have to check out two or more of this signs in your partner before making a conclusive judgment.

Signs to note if your man is cheating on you.

  1. Always staying out late.
    Not every men that stay out late that cheat or have any of such intension but for the record, when a man who does not
    enjoy keeping late start this act all of a sudden, perhaps there is something to check out on him.

  2. Always making excuses when you are in the mood.
    Men sometimes have this habit of making excuses when you are in the mood but you will then ask, what will
    make my man to loose his libido for this long, well he might have just got it somewhere.

3 Making excuses when attending to some calls.
I am not saying he is actually cheating on you but when your partner begin to take excuses and secretively
attending to call, when you should watch out.

4 Finding fault with your actions.
well, take this when a man is bored of a lady there is always a way to tell her indirectly that he want to let go,
some men wont say it but their action will speak the word.

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