in love •  last year

I love you because I love you.
You do not have to be a lover,
and you do not always know how to be.
I love you because I love you.
Love is a state of grace
and with love one does not pay.

Love is given for free,
is sown in the wind,
in the waterfall, in the eclipse.
Love runs away from dictionaries
and various regulations.

I love you because I do not love
enough or more to me.
Because love does not change,
it does not conjugate or love itself.
Because love is love to nothing,
happy and strong in himself.

Love is the cousin of death,
and of the victorious death,
as much as they kill him (and kill)
every moment of love

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thank you all

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Very Good! Please upvote and follow me.@mdyousuf

Hello dear Helena, I love this
thank you for poetry