I SURVIVED ... I managed to plan my marriage with @jjuuaanchoo in a couple of weeks ... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

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Hello my dear friends!!!

This last month has been a complete madness for me. Preparing a wedding in a couple of weeks is a challenge that seems impossible to fulfill. But in my case I achieve it ...

I really planned to get married at the end of the year. But due to the harsh situation in my country, my parents decided to go abroad. And I could not imagine my wedding without them. It was hard enough to endure that my brother was not present. Then all the plans were advanced, not only was it faster but, that budget had to be cut.


Even so, everything was beautiful, and I do not say just for the wedding, but because my parents could be there by my side. I think the marriage a very sentimental and significant moment; and what a great gift to share with the people you love. That day was beautiful, but also quite stressful, especially since it is part of the decoration and the resposteria of my own event. This situation generates a lot of stress; because while I was making and decorating candy for the wedding, another bride would be fixing and resting to be fresh for the moment. Hahaha


Thousands of complications occurred, even so everything went well. I was exhausted but with the adrenaline of the moment I did not feel it hahaha. When everything was ready, I decided to get ready. And I must admit they did a great job with me; I was so nervous that I felt my breathing stop.

When at last I was ready and arrived at the place of the event to wait for the exact time to start, my mother saw me and felt very nostalgic, but my father, I can not stand and cry; and when I saw him I could not resist anymore and I went in tears while everyone shouted that I would not cry because it would damage my makeup. This makeup was the best, because it did not suffer damage with my tears jajajajja.


After giving the long-awaited YES; We proceeded to make the toast, and shortly after giving began to fall a delicate rain that lasted about 15 minutes. Then everything followed its normal course.

Despite the difficulties, we achieved our goal, which was to unite our lives in marriage, and show that, if you really want it, everything is possible; even if you have the wind against. I decided to share my life with the person I love, my friend, my accomplice, my confidant and today MY HUSBAND. I ask God to Bless our union, and fill it with love and understanding every day.

MARRIAGE IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PARTS THAT ARE ALLOWED TO LIVE ... Because we have the opportunity to share all aspects of our life with another person, who loves us and understands us.






Wow. Very inspirational! You two look so happy, and I wish you the best on life. Remember to pray together to stay together!
Yay for you guys!
Brightened my day.
Now back you chores...but I will crack open something yo toast your celebration.
Keep us updated on you adventures!

i'm very late here but congrats!
i know that things are very tough over there but i'm sure you guys can figure things out together! 👍