Soul passion

in love •  5 months ago

Living in the shell that protects me from harm
It shelters me from the storm and keeps me warm
But tonight I just wanna be in your arms
So I'll let your love lead me straight to your heart
A state of relaxation allows me to escape
Floating far out of my mind my body will just wait
It knows I will return healthy and safe
For this is my home, my protection, my place
So peacefully I drift on a soft cloud of love
Taking me to a place somewhere up above
Where you can have me and I can just have you
A world specially made for just us two
As I Call out your name I feel a magnetic attraction
Pulling me towards you and I can't withstand it
We touch and instantly I feel the passion
Taking over me so strong it's like magic
Our souls connect and together we dance
In a mound of pleasure not too slow nor too fast
Earthshaking sensations express the love that we have
We smile and embrace knowing this love is gonna last
And now that our moment has ended I know that I must go
Before my body wakes and realizes that I've roamed
But from this moment on whenever it should sleep
I shall return to the special place where we meet

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Beautifull, i feel the love!