in love •  7 months ago

Expressions of my feelings on display for you to see
Told you about this hurt you've caused inside of me
And the only word that your brain can formulate to speak
Is "ok"

Just "ok"

I sat there in silence in a frozen space in time
A sense of emptiness transformed me to a blank state of mind
I'd lost the will to respond I said I had no reply
And you said "ok"

Just "ok"

Pain shot through my chest but I stopped it in its course
Numbing out the feeling and fought it with full force
It's too hard for me to care and I don't want to anymore
But ok

You think we're ok

You say you listen while I talk but then tell me that you're reading
Another avoidance tactic is exactly what I'm seeing
My head is too confused to really comprehend the meaning
Of "ok"

And that's not ok

You show no compassion for the sadness I've expressed
No acknowledgement for your part in my feeling stressed
Overall cluelessness to deep emotion I've suppressed
But ok

Just ok

No trying to look at things from my side
No attempt to express remorse or even apologize
No notice of truth my aching heart hides
But ok

Just ok

A problem cannot be solved with refusal to communicate
I tried as hard as I could but years of false hope is too much weight
And I need to lift it off of me before I begin to break

Because right now I'm not ok

I'm not afraid to live without you I'm just not sure of where I'll go
But the only way to know is for me to walk down that road
And you're lack of intuitiveness keeps you thinking that I won't
But ok

That's ok

Somewhere in my heart I know I deserve better for myself
And although it might be hard I know there'll be someone else
Even time alone could be what I need to help
But ok

Because I'll be ok

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