Some ways to protect love ...

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Some ways to protect love ...

It is difficult to protect love than to achieve love. Today's relationships are very rarely broken. Threats of sad people around Sadness around. There are some ways to save love:

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1. Smile from the beginning. When once the charm came to somebody, it continued to grow in compounding. Once you see that you give sneeze, he thinks in mind that Ish has given the sneeze as beautiful or not.

2. Do not break faith easily. 'Belief is like a glass; It's very wrong to say 'it is absolutely wrong. Believe it is like steel that does not break very easily, but it does not seem very easy to break once broke. People became confused with feelings of embarrassment and made a mistake like breaking faith. Please acknowledge if you make a mistake. Apologize Promise and never break the faith. But remember, forgiveness is possible once it is wrong. There are two reasons for forgiveness. But the third time wrongdoing, the Creator does not even forgive. He is a little man.

3. Compromise. Every person in the world is unique. She is not like you. You're not like him. But there is some similarity between you and you have a relationship. Do not try to make him like 100 percent of your mind. Rather try to make her like her. You see, he is trying to be like you. Love is tanning.

4. Quarrel Be proud But do not be angry. Do not push away anger. In the words, hide behind the eyes. Tell him, proudly, I am proud. Keep telling or imitating. Today, tomorrow or next day he will break the laugh. Keep in mind that when love breaks up, love increases but if anger breaks down, there is a slight hatred between the chests.

5. Make friends Your loved one is the first person to love your friend then love. Can anybody be the best friend than the person you live with? Make him the best friend forever. Share everything with her. Make a story. Give a chat. Poke or laugh open. Become his best friend. Because one is genuine.

6. Keep eye eyes. Look forward stealthily Ask, ask, 'I see you. You are good Peace brings peace. '

7. Listen to the baby's favorite. Share the headphones. When you listen to the song, say the forehead of the forehead, throw it down or else the horn will grow.

8.Gift day. There is no such thing as gifts that must be expensive. The price of a bunch of red sandalwood and more than that of thousands of costly costumes.

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9. Proud when he fills himself as hemorrhoid or ugly. Tell him, as he is just like you. Anything else comes to you, but nothing comes to you.

10. If you are on a public place, whisper your ears to your ear, I love you.

11. Read the book of his favorite story.

12. Ask the color of your choice. And shuffle after that color of dress.

13.Hasun together. Cry together. Express emotions. Do not hide.

14. See the dream. Have a dream And try to meet both of them for fulfillment of dreams.

15. Do not spit in anger. A grief tears throughout life

16. Tell me, you are my need.

17. Hold together. Do not forget to catch his hand while crossing the road.

18. Promise day always Everyone loves to go to surprise.

19. Love me once every day.

20. Work like stupid in the middle. Happiness to hear from him an absurd fool

21. Love is deep from the mind. There is no love against force for force. Love the truth Love it in such a way that hundreds of hurdles can not accept the rate of love.

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Many of your ways make us understand your ways. Everyone gets involved in love. Not everyone can overcome this obstacle. If you follow the rules of obstructing your love, then love will not be obstructed.
It sounds good for your words.

apnar lekhati onak sundor hoyece........ protom bosor bassa tike onak jotno korta hoi tadar shate khub sundor acaron korte hoba tadar deka shokol shomai kiail rakte hoba


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Me parecen muy buenos consejos, pero no olvidemos que el respeto y la buena comunicación entre la pareja son definitivamente dos puntos claves, 1) respetar el espacio y las decisiones del otro y 2) hablarse siempre con la verdad, ser honestos en todas las cosas, hasta las mas pequeñas, eso sin duda hará que fluya mejor la relaciónpareja-hablando-1.jpg y confianza entre los dos.

I respect your thought that you talking about strong relationship. But why we need to protect love? Love is spontaneous and unconditional always. If there is compromise in a relationship then that is not love. If someone is continuously adjusting with his/her partner by compromising then there is no more love in that relationship. If we are in love with a wrong person then how much you try but the relationship will not last for longtime.
First, we need time before we commit to someone. If someone can not understand me in my bad mood, I can't always pretend to be good.
In true love there is no rules, it just happens and remains forever.

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It is difficult to find true love. And to keep to love you need to know how to care and listen to your love

wow so beautiful and amazing blog its very good to read :))

Your tips are quite helpful like whisper in ear i love u when u r public ,keep eye to eye.You sholud also ready to sacrifice. Can one show care or his caring it will feel him or her special @chuadanga ?

Great article :) love must with full of trust

Hold together. Do not forget to catch his hand while crossing the road. Great point of view.. Love this article

Dear sir!
Love is a divine blessing no need to protection it. it is itself a complete word.
Protection are necessary for physical love. Love is the symbol of believe, feeling emotions not attraction.

gracias por los consejos muy bueno en conclusión con tus consejos es que consintamos a la personas que elegimos como pareja sabes el amor es de vivir diario abonando lo y podándolo como una mata para que ese amor perdure por muchos años y como dice hasta que la muerte los separe chao saludos de acá de Venezuela

that is so ctue!!!

Nice post!

Lovely post 😍, I’ll push my husband to read this post 😁✌️

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Thanks for your advice. Over all love needs to cares.

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