What should I be saying on a first date?

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So you know when you're on YouTube, and you do a quick search before dinner: "How to make a delicious chicken pasta," and you end up missing dinner- its 2 AM and you're watching a tutorial on how to communicate with baby turtles? Well, the one day when I was stuck in a YouTube search I discovered a man- (a man that's kind of nice to look at). Ladies, I would like to introduce you to Matthew Hussey. They call him a "relationship expert"...not really sure who "they" are but apparently this guy knows a thing or two about love.


If you would like to check him out, please go to Matthew Hussey


So, Matthew, who has quickly taken on the position of being my new wing-man, always likes to share tips and ideas about love. Here are his 5 tips on what you should be saying on a first date. So to all the girls out there that are absolutely terrified of first dates, hopefully this can help you.

"I love"

So apparently, using emotive language is not only very attractive but also very effective when you are getting to know someone. Saying "I love that movie! It was incredible!" just paints a more colourful picture of you than saying "Yeah, it was good." Express your passions and your interests and be excited about them.

"I bet you'd be fun to go to a___with"

When you tell someone "I bet you'd be fun to go to a concert with!" or "I bet you'd be fun to go to a museum with!" you are complimenting a part of their personality. You're telling them, you seem like a really fun person, or you seem like a really intelligent person.

"Let's get one!"

If somebody tells you how much they love straw-berry ice-cream, don't just say "Oh cool," say "Let's get one!" It shows that you want to make the little things count, and that you're an easy-going, free-spirited person.

"I would want a relationship if it's the right one"

Most of the times, when the subject of relationships come up, people just don't react very well to it. They are either way to passive about it, or they express way too much interest in it. You need to find a middle ground, so saying something like "Yeah, I would want a relationship if it's the right one" is apparently the best thing to say in such situations. Alrighty, thanks Matthew, made a note mate.

"Please could you not wear that shirt next time, it gives you an unfair advantage."

Personally, I think this is a little bit cheesy- although Matthew says this is a line which really works on a first date. Really?

So those are Matthew Hussey's 5 tips for going on a first date. Psychologists and motivational speakers from across the World have said that this guy is the real deal, so who knows, maybe these tips work for you. Your welcome, from Cupid, or Caitlin- whichever you prefer.


With your looks, you don't need those.

I've seen a few of his videos and he definitely knows what's up. Nice post btw

They seem like good suggestions... but kind of creepy too, like, i can't wait to go on this date and try some of my psy ops on that unsuspecting sweet lil girl.

Just be yourself i say, and if you are a conceited, self-absorbed, douche then hopefully you will never become a parent.

Nice post. Really good.