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Narrated, there is a young girl who is determined to help her poor and backward village. He diligently pursues all efforts to make money to buy children's books and school supplies there. But, no matter how great his efforts, it still feels lacking. Until one day, he got an appointment to meet a rich man in the city, hoping that the rich lord would give money. After meeting, the young girl told of the situation of her village and educational facilities that were far from adequate and requested help for them. With a bored and unfriendly tone, Mr. Rich commented casually, "Young girl. You miss the address. Here is not a charity that provides free donations. If indeed your village children can't go to school, that's their fate. Why do I have to help? " He seemed not to believe the slightest sincerity of the young girl before him. With a helpless and desperate look, the girl knew, her efforts had failed. But before leaving, he tried his last attempt, "Sir, if possible, can I borrow a bag of superior seeds of peanut seeds that you have produced so far? Suppose today you have helped us and I promise you will not disturb you again. " With surprise and because he wanted to immediately expel the girl, without much skill, he immediately gave a bag of requested peanut seeds. Coming home from there, the girl starts the movement of planting peanut seeds on the land of the poor, with determination as much as one bag of peanut seeds, will produce as many beans as can grow there.IMG20180822100947.jpg

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