Happiness in 2017

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So the sun is shining. We are living and breathing. Trump is president.... There's lots to grateful for... Cough, cough! We should all be happy and frolicking in the meadows like a new spring lamb fresh from the mama's boob. But alas, we are too damn busy and too damn worried about what other people think about us to realise we are happy. Mindless scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat, etc etc etc posting stuff, hoping to break our record for likes or comments or retweets etc etc etc. When the response is inadequate, we in turn feel inadequate. Unsatisfied with our place in society based on people's responses to our fake version of reality.


That is our downfall... We live our lives through a fake version of our life. But look a little bit closer to home to find real happiness. Us Irish find great happiness in a sunny day. Real happiness in a hug. Real happiness in a smile. Real happiness with your friends, with your family, with your partner in life. Happiness comes in many forms... You just need to recognise it. Not by the likes on your profile picture with a trout pout and snapchat filter to hide the tears (or just the bags from last nights mad session), but by the little things that make you who you are in reality. Just remember you are loved, not just liked or tweeted or shared... You are loved! Embrace it!


Love from Bratteam <3

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