Shadows are always buried # (Bayangan yang selalu terpendam)

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Dear Steemit Friends


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Honor your spouses by marrying him, do not humiliate him by loving him, for your spouse is one of the signs of God's greatness,

Invented saidatina Hawa from the rib of the prophet Adam, and missed the woman from the germ of man and woman (Tafsir Al-jalalen 3/302)


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The point is from the short left rib which is short when the prophet Adam is asleep, when he wakes up and sees Eve saidatina condrong / captivated heart to him, then the angel pronounce your self adam so you make your dowry, what maharnya .?? "said the prophet Adam, it is said to the prophet Adam" You Pursue the Prophet Muhammad Saw.

"We fall in love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing perfection in the imperfect"

Kita jatuh cinta bukan karena menemukan orang yang sempurna, melainkan karena melihat kesempurnaan pada orang yang tidak sempurna

Thank you very much. Success is always for all my friend in Steemit.

By @boyelleq

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