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@prcptiontravel Jordan comes by with his drone and asks a few questions about the property. Thank you Jordan!

▶️ DTube

Thanks JP.. love your daily flow posts! Seriously cool bro.. go for the mana!

Thanks bro, keep at it! I will as well!

Love it, @benlov .. you are a bright shining light! And who is that precious little girl? Ajna Love? She must be part of the love family 😹

You know who the super cutie is! Ajna Bliss! I want to say, it's really occurred to me what a bridge our two families make... right across the street, both with wee girls... so blessed. Moreover, thank you, for your willingness to make things happen that are bigger than yourself.

Bro... Whoa... I'm really busy making the physical work happen to get this project done but I feel highly encouraged to consistently communicate about the process as it unfolds. Thank you for your support.

Yes! Love this! Excited to see how it Progresses :)

Thanks for sharing tools and opportunities Charlene... it's already been a lot of fun.

My partner... my Love... this is for you and for Gaia and for everybody... that's why it's so fun.

Thanks for your support, I really believe that together we can manifest heaven on earth for all of us.

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Nice, that's interesting... you can sort of see the general trends if you pay attention over time I suppose... it's nice to have some data on what people are trying to learn about

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