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pexels-photo-853407.jpegStory: - Love with a boss
Writing - Anamika Islam
Boy's diary__
It is raining heavily. When the house came out, the sky was quite clear. Suddenly, the sky from one to the other, flying in the sky. Without the slightest, the entire sky covered the dark cloud. After a short spell, the rain began to rain. It is rain! At 9am, I took shelter in this big shop, but there was no name-smell of rain. So forced to go to the car in the rain, to go to the office. Although the father said, if the sky is cloudy, then do not drive the car. When I came to the center of the road with the car, just when I saw the eyes of the car glass, I saw a girl running in front of the heavy rain in the hands of the umbrella and the canvas is running rush in front. Never talked to a girl in my life, but why is it so big for the girl today? I ran to ask whether to take any help or not. We stopped the car just 3,4 hand from the girl. The girl looked thumbs down. I asked -

  • Can I help you, mem?
    In response the girl did not say anything. But the face seems to be very quick. I said again, can I help you in any way? The girl seems to be right-or-not-so-a-bit hesitant, and is looking at the clock repeatedly. I repeat again- "Mam, do not hesitate." The girl sat in the car without saying anything. Asked to say, it will go somewhere in front. I said ok, give me a signal when you come to your destination. The woman took her head and agreed.
    Her diary__
    Today the new MD is coming to our office. New will be wrong. In the former, here is the bed. Because, he has worked here for 4 years before. Although the time is short, the history of this short time is a huge one. I have heard that he was a man of rosary and temperamental nature. I did not bribe at all in the field of work. One day's celery was cut if one minute was leited to reach the office. If the leahit mark was more than three days in the account, one-third of the wages would have been deducted. So today I went out of the house just before the fear of fear, from the house, if it is leeth, fear of it. Who knew that soon I came out of the house fearing, that fear would be true. Within hours of coming out of the house the sky became cloudy. The rain started dark within a little bit dark. For a while I took shelter in a shop but could not stand for long because of the boss's fear. Buy an umbrella from the shop and started to press office. But it was raining so loud that the hand-held umbrella also kept the rate near the rain. Calling on Allah in the rain, and running on the rush. Suddenly a car left behind. Suddenly the car came back. I stopped. The windows closed in the car opened. A handsome young man says to me from the car, Can I help you, mem? I could not hear the young man's words. I was lost for a moment, unbeknownst to me. His call was cut short and his call. Saying, can I help you in any way? Looking at the watch, at 9 o'clock at 35 minutes. I could stand still. I did not think of anything in the car. I am sitting beside a handsome young man in life's first expensive car. In the chest, Kukil Kuhu in the spring cried, I got disgraced. He said, 'What will you do if you come to your destination?' I was not able to say anything with shame, but just telling my 'yes' to my head.
    Boy's diary__
    I came to see my father's office. Now if a dad's father saw an unknown girl next to me, I would not go to the office with him, I went away somewhere, then the consequences would be bad. Make your father's ears heavy by not making six. Due to that, I dropped the girl in front of the office just a little. The girl came down and looked at me and went with a smile on the grateful. I entered the office. Everyone rose from their respective seats and told me the good morning. Suddenly the eyes go to a chamber, which is still empty. Notice that the seat is P. This is surely the choice of Father Maya seat! I heard a lot of dumbness in the face of my father, is this his symptom? I went to my room to rage in anger, before going to say I was sent to my room immediately after the arrival of PA.
    The girl's diary
    Suddenly the car stopped in one place. The young man looked at me and said, the rain stopped, I too have chase. You rather go down here. Tangxi or rickshaw go to your destination. When I got down from the car, I looked at the young man and gave a grateful smile. No, no. I do not need any rickshaw or tangxi. Because the young man had dropped me from the office to a place where my office was just 2 minutes. I reached the foot office at the office. Suddenly called the cologne pearl - Maya Madam, you called the boss. Go quickly, otherwise let's put the Leit Mark at the end of the name. Hearing of this increased heart rate. I ran towards his room. I went to the door and said
    "Can you come sir?"
    Will continue

Wonderful love story

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