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pexels-photo-935824.jpegDo not wait for me to wait.
What is sleep all night?
Going to the ceiling, we are playing with the light of the moon.
Nilira also remembered.
Do not remember why? Some of her words are in my heart. It's normal.
But love can be given to one person.
One is loved
I have the illusion for Nili.
But love is just for Rimi.
The whole night passed me on the roof today.
Sleep has not come, I have been singing and singing songs. After all, a boring song.
Sleeping at dawn, I fell asleep with Fajr Azan.
But the body is totally my loneliness. There is no strength, raising for prayers. Sleeping again, the light of the sun seemed to be light in my eyes. To say a little bit of heat. Sleep broke,
After sleeping, I saw the shadow on the face of my face. Actually my mother, her mother-in-law, kept her mouth covered with achalas. That is, I feel like a good ghum. Mother, got it.
I did not sleep all night
I said to my mother ----- Mom, are you here?
Mom ----- Dad, you have not slept all night. Do not go to the roof of your room and come to the roof and see that you are asleep here. The light of the sun shines at your face. So, I turned my face to your face.
Sifat ----- I put my head in the lap and said, Sari Ma
I went out of your decision
Mom ---- No, Ray, Dad. We want your happiness. My child will be unhappy for me. Can I ask for my mother ??
Sifat ----- Mom, what did Neil say?
Mother ---------- Talking between me and Nili. It will be in our house. We will go to Rimid's house this afternoon.
Sifat ------ then, did you give news to their house?
Mom -------- No need. No bargain costs with them.
We'll go and watch the ring.
Sifat ---- thanks mamu ---
We rushed towards the afternoon. But there was a word in the mind. What is the matter between Mar and Nili! Which can be told to me. Going there without news again.
Everything is mysterious. I am thinking of thinking so much. We came to the village of Rimid.
Suddenly the mother asked Rickshaw to stop.
I'm surprised,
Mother called somebody, this girl came here
Hey, you see, Rimi
Rimi laughing at me sweet sweet
Mother is saying by saying ----- This girl, this house is your ???
Rimi - Yes, aunty
Mom - so what were you doing here?
Rimi --- Aunty, the ear is the day. Slowly say a word.
Mother --- say ok
Rimi ------- Aunt, the owner of this house is a savage, cradle, one day I am mourning a flower and I take revenge on my run today. Flowers are scattered. We have cut down more trees here. Salai now bujuk What is the price of this rimin?
Mother, this girl, what do you say? Are you short Ok girl This girl will have a son's wife. If he is in heaven, then this girl will go to hell.
Rimi is running, Butt my thoughts came out. The mother did not agree with this marriage. What's the matter with Nili? I do not know. The thing that happened now is not far away from this marriage. This is Rimi, if you know it, the mother will not enter that house. When I was running, I hit a blind eye. I thought that the mother saw it.
O Allah, do you have any trouble?
What to do with this crazy thing. Salar's fate is my worst. I did not get the time to steal the flowers.
I'm just praying to my heart. God save you.
Rumana to give Rima to mother.
One of the roads was asked about the road
He replied, 'Oh, shake the little girl, the devil girl is home
That's the direction.
I wanted to get my heart, and I made the nose bolted in the salar.
What is the answer to Sida Sida, itchy.
It's hearing that the eyes are more red
We arrived at Rimidi's house a little later.
The hats started in front, a little bit silly.
The gate was called to the gate
Rimi's mother, aunt said, Rimi saw who came
Rima ---- Who will come this time? That prayer seems to come to judge. Some say nose will send.
Come on, mother, Rima, surprise
Mother is more surprised
Mother ---- What kind of hell do you do here?
Rima ----- Aunty will not be able to judge. My mother does not say anything to me. Gives a little step back to the dusk. I got a little pain. But later became the same
Mom - this kind of girl. We did not come to judge
Rimi ---- then ???
I have been trying to raise repeatedly from the back.
This is my mother, coming to see you
But who listens to whom
Meanwhile aunt called and said to Rimi
Rimi ------ Nobody, mother
Actually he thinks we came to judge with his name
I do not have any late rallo. Now the mother only looks at me with big eyes
Mother --- this girl, call her your mother. we need to talk.
Rimi ----- Omma - You see, I will judge fairly. Hey, I'm not afraid of anything. Your son but you can understand.
Mom ------- Sifat, let's go. No more. Have been a lot I feel helpless This girl will be the wife of my house. It can never be
Rimi got a little embarrassed after hearing this and went away
Will run


I love the story.

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