Love story part tharty two

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Pleasure on the grandmother of my grandmother
Hobby awoke. So the big uncle suddenly saw the boy. Nice smart boy In the study and very square Doctorate
Go to japan And my big sister is then fasting in medicine.
Read the whole day. And getting married is screaming in the spell of reading!
This tears grow when you see the father or small uncle. If you look at the big uncle, you stop crying! Nobody wants to have grandmother, there is nothing to do.
I was four when I was four. There is always a daily breakfast in our house and the tea snacks are in full swing. Buy jewelery today ... So tomorrow should be the color of sari
I play Hridaya, and Sourav! And see marriage arrangements. Hridi will marry her honey, she does not tear his head. Sourav to marry brother! He is very good as a pot. Simultaneously agree. Who is the brother of Karbi! He shows the bigger the finger. What tundar shayee
Hello beautiful saraii! I secretly sighed.
Meanwhile, I want to get married
Who says that.
One day it becomes yellow on the upper side. The swelling of swollen bushes is like a queen of an elder. Mother wants to teach sarees to me and also me. Sari did not take the honey, but he did not cry. Meanwhile, Sourav, I am Amma, I am Pallabi.
Mother does not teach anyone by giving up.
On the day of the wedding, more interesting shoots fell in red bannarasi and said to accept a cry of weeping and weeping. And at the time of the farewell, one of the big moms wept, and once again wept for the little chicks. Do not go to the idea. However, Handsome took away her to remove her nose in the car.
And just one day later, they came back with the handsome laughing. And what's better than the new rosemary? And the father-in-law of the house is mad! They began to quarrel and say. Meanwhile, my jealousy stomach burns
Going on
I started crying and shouting straight across the yard. First came Amma! Seeing my scream's velocity, he stood in the verandah
He stayed. I came straight to the niggard weeping when the little Apa came. Now Daddy said to fear.

  • Ore and Chutan .. What do you see in the sky? Tie in the midair.
  • Will I end up screaming?
    Oh dear, it seems like the wind is blowing ... !!
    The little uncle came and grabbed my hand.
    -Memoni Adige Ammizan rose up gold
    What did Chachchu say?
    I asked to wipe the tears of water in the water of the nose to remove it.
    Marry me, uncle. I'll get married.
  • The little uncle smiled and said, "Yeah, mother is very good, but where is the pot?
    And my dad is not even alive .. !!
    My tears grew more than hundred times.
    Aditya Moni has no idea. I will marry you He smiled sweetly.
    So beautiful handsome groom! I got up! And I said in the whisper.
  • And the jewelery ... !!
    Dulabai laughing at this morning.
  • It's a little boy. I will give a lot of jewelry.
  • And sari .. !!
  • Yeah, the red blue, whatever you want ... my luck. I was fond of marriage at home.
    Minipack Free with Shampoo And with my wife, my boyfriend is free.
    I got excited and said.
    The video will be done! Tip sorted by tip?
  • All will be. Do you mean anything
  • And cry.
  • Will everyone mourn my marriage?
    I was anxious and told my dear bride.
    He said, he said
  • I'll get a new woman. Why do i cry. !!
    I was sad to hear the condition of my life.
    All of them were standing in the courtyard.
    I looked at Dad and said.
    You will not mourn my marriage!
    Dad said.
  • All of you will come again in your marriage. How much work How do I cry .. !!
    I told the younger sister
    You will not cry ... .. I said I have lost my love since being. If you get married then why do you ..
    I said to the bigger sister in the nose, "I'm reading" I am Dr. Dr. Hobo doctors understand the cry!
  • Mebo Apu, you ... !!
    Majo Apu said. When will you really be married for the day ... I can not play the color.
    Dance and dance to your wedding .. !!
    I woke my heart with sadness That day we could not convince anyone to cry.
    Everyone will give up but nobody will cry. God give me a little brain on my three sister's head.
    My marriage cry I smile on my marriage in dream, I can see.
    May Allah bless me

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