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pexels-photo-935789.jpegI do not want to go further in relation.
Yes, I do not like to play anymore
Acting ?? Our relationship to you?
Yes, or what else?
Do not you love me?
No, everything that we were all about is acting
Three or three years acting to you?
Why do so with me ??
Your mother, father is very proud of you
You're so low?
Yes, my father decided to get married, the boy is in Australia
Oh, this is ...
Yes, I hope you will not disturb me again.
Yes, I will not. But do you know a thing?
what ?? Even if I can not recognize the bottomless girl like you, Arefin just got recognized.
good Hope you remember me?
Never do any harm to yourself
Do not do it for a girl like you.
Thanks, be good.
Maya goes away saying this.
Talking with Maya and Fahad
They were both cousins ​​but they had other relations with them for three years. Today Maya ended the relationship and went away.
Luck was Arphine. She may be too. Fahad stood beside this time.
Neither Fahad could have left many depressions.
Fifteen days have passed. Maya has called many times that day, Arfin has not been allowed to catch. Myar call was bothered. At the end, what did Arphine say to Maya Then again the SIM changed the SIM and Fahad. Today, going home in Eidchhuti. Many nights have gone to go. Too tiered So sleepy I feel asleep when the house came home? Or is Australia gone ?? Think of it asleep. The next morning Fahad stood in front of the house.
Bahu shiulitla is full of swelling. Cemetery in front of the house. A new grave Fahad kept thinking and who died ??
Curious is the cheelea flowers on the grave? Looks like wax was burning again .....
Thinking of these cats, the cousin called Rahat.
Well, who has died? New grave ....
A girl
How ??
Hear the story ??
Yes, say, if you can write like a story .....
Prabi ... Of course you can .. Then listen ,,,,,
We all know the girl. You can say all the eyes of the house. Mother, father's love, brother's brother's key to fulfillment, girlfriend's drumming ....
What do I know?
Do not listen to the whole word.
One day she gets sick, nose comes to blood. The girl suddenly fell to the ground. So parents, mother thinks that the nose has been hit by the injuries and blood is lying. When it looked a lot, the senses of the girl were not afraid to return. After taking him to the hospital, Doctor gave some tests. That report would not come as well, it was well understood that the girl's family, that's exactly why.
Doctor gave fifteen days time. The girl first cried, but after that it became absolutely tough. My father wants to stay with me in the village for the last few days. Father and mother accept her words. Brings him home. Every day I came to this Shiulitla. Everyone used to come to see the sickness. It did not bother, but rather laugh. Look, see how much Femus I have. The day the person died, this morning he stood in the Shiulitla. I came from behind and said
What, what do you do?
Today's morning will not come again
Do not you fear? Your death is so close ??
NARE .... but know that if you think about this, I fear how will I stay in the dark?
Do not say these. Well, this tree does not blossom, and why do you stand here?
Booze, the day I do not stay, it fades from that day. You see this swollen swelling will swell.
Poetry did not go to poet
I knew I'd have to bury me here. When you come to my grave, then you will flower, just like Sanam Teri swear in the movie, but think again later and fears at night.
Does your cheeky flower look so good ??
You please remove these The girl's brother came from behind. Two siblings have been crying here for a long time. The girl starts bleeding again. I do not know who was calling me repeatedly. Calling off the call was not the first call then.
I know she was crying too much. The girl's father was not home. Calling his father to come home with calls. When everyone is feeling bad ?? She then laughs. When parents sit at home, there is no shortage of people at home. Mom is feeling bad? Dad asks whether he will eat something ??
Does not the brothers ask so much trouble?
Everyone laughs and continues to see the phone again. It is silent for a while and then say to my lord.
Well, my lord, I am repenting every day, I still have to read?
If you want to suffer .....
No problem, I want to read. After praying, the lord kept his mother's lap in front of him and with his arms, his father and his hands tightened. Continuous nose, bludging from the mouth.
The girl went away with everyone's wish.
The most surprising thing is that the girl left everything for herself.
Rahat said quietly for a while.
After a while, Rahat asked Fahad to give something ahead of your deposit.
When you read this letter I am not. There is no question of staying. Because I will not stay today Well, why do not you call? Why is Arfin caught by? You know today I have spoken a lot of bad things. I was just wishing to talk to you. You did not say Do not ask me any answers to you today. You know, I played really that day, but my love was pure, you said you could leave me and not Arfin. Again you said that I will not leave you until I die. Look, I'm really going away today.
You stay well.
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