Love story part tharty five

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pexels-photo-326582.jpeg-Hello ... Rimi .. ?? (I)
-Hum !! (Rimi)
Can you come here a little? (I)
-Why and why .. (Rimi)
I do not see you so many days? (I)
Please tell me, you have come to meet me two days ago. And now you say so many days! (Rimi)
-Hum, you have two days. But for me a lot of days! Now tell me when I will go out of the house. (I)
-Niloy ... ?? (Rimi)
-Home .. (I)

  • It does not really happen today. (Rimi)
    -No! I do not know why you are alone, alone. (I)
    -Hum, I know. Where to tell now ?? (Rimi)
    -No. (I)
    -Man ...? (Rimi)
    -Man, you do not have to come to the trouble. I met him more than that .. (I)
    -Home, come on. Actually, I just do not need to just go .. (Rimi)
    No, I'm not coming. You're supposed to be in the afternoon. (I)
    -When ... ?? (Rimi)
    -Out college turn. (I)
    -Ok .. ?? Now keep it. (Rimi)
    -Home .. (I)

You might be surprised. It is normal to be surprised, I did not recognize him, but I did not recognize him ... I do not know ... I'm Neelay ..? Whoever talked with me on the phone is Rimi. Rimi means my girlfriend who is lover. I read Rimi in the same class! If you want to do this, then will you go to see Rima again?
-Hello, Rimi? (I)
-Why are you calling me, I do not tell you at the right time. (Rimi)
-Why do not you say that you are calling for it. (I)

  • Say goodbye. (Rimi)
  • Today, I will fall in the bar. (I)
    -Can (Rimi)
  • Everybody is coming three days later. Today the barge falls. (I)
  • Well. (I)
    I cut off the phone without speaking any more. If you do not have any idea, then think about who started bakabalka who knows .. !!

There is no news about Rimi coming in. There is no problem at all, I do not know if there is any problem. Do you think that what will happen ..? Many times it has not happened before. It has not yet come out of the house. !

It's a girl coming here .. It's Rimi that reads the story !! I do not understand what is going on! Rimi is coming to the path of the Rimi but Rimi is not the face of this girl and the look of Rimi is the same.Is that Rimi? Then understand Hey this girl is coming to me ... haha ​​rimi ... ??
-rime .. ?? (I)
-Hum. (Rimi)
-Can I say something.

  • Hmmm ... ??
    -You do not have much
    Looks good ... ??
    -That's it .. !! (Rimi)
  • Well, you have a little bit
    Get caught up .. (I)
    What did you say? (Rimi)
    Anything else? (I)
    I did not hear Rimi
    Hug in front of the front
    Time to go from behind
    Preventing the shirt with the collar ..
    -What is the devil girl man?
    Seeing it to catch up
    It does not matter .. (Rimi)
    -Man ...? (I)
    -Man, love me
    To hug with
    Who is my younger sister?
    Well Rimi said her
    There is a small sister.
    But he never said like him
    To see .. So that's her sister ..
    -What happened dumb?
    There is no word!
    I understand how
    That's your sister. (I)
    All of my actions are mine
    End of understanding .. (Rimi)
    And if you are small
    Why did not you say sister?
    And why lover is coming
    To meet ... !!! (I)
    I have sent it and mine
    It's been understood how you are
    Boy .. (rimi)
    -There is no relationship with you
    No .. the other .. (Rimi)
    -But why. (I)
    I wanted to see.
    You and me my sister
    Do not know whether you buy or not
    ... ??? (with stops)
    They say that
    Again two of the same bait fall
    Come on ...?

Onk sundor love story ta

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