Love story part tharty eight

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pexels-photo-1024992.jpegSirius Ladies

  • Does it take so much time to respond to mesage? Do you hear chatting with a girl?
  • Which girl means? Why are you coming here with any other girl? I am writing stories in book books, it is late for reply ... !!
    I do not want to write fiction, 'I love to talk about Lutuputu with a girl, I understand the poetry, anyway ... on that day, a girl is commenting on your story, and you are talking with her in the comment box ... who is she ?
    The mood was bad by eating a bombe, thinking I could get some peace on Facebook. But I have forgotten that there is a lot of turmoil, it is difficult to tolerate this type of behavior of everybody.
  • Why can you say that your mind is so small?
  • What did you say? My mind is small
  • Yes ... your mind is like a third class girls. Why did you comment? Why do you chat with him? Why and Phone ?? Why did he reply? Change the mind-mentality of this type of tithi ... !!
    Do you call me a third class girl? You are the boy of the third grade boy!
    The mood was very bad, the words of Tithir again made the mood worse, the last message of Tithir sank out of the box, from the Facebook ... I said in my mind: "Do whatever else I want in life, but do any relation with a rage girl. No, you will give every day a thousand reproach, thousands of rupees, but if you call it just "Faltoo girl", then it ends ... !!
    After 4 minutes a call came on the phone, the call of the tithi ... looking at the numbers and thinking about what would not be? If you gonna give it again? I thought about taking phone,
  • Start the ghali.
    I did not get any answer from the other side ... just like the sound of blowing up and crying ... I said again-
  • You're crying? What a tragedy, I am about to cry, why are you crying?
    Blowing up, the girl said,
  • You will not call me anymore in my life, do not you try to communicate in any way? From now on all my relationships are ending ....
  • Listen ... hello, hello
    Uff's phone cut off ... quickly entered Facebook, I found that the name of Tithi was black, I quickly called the number of Tithir, but repeatedly saying "Number is busy" ... that means my number was given in the black list. The mood is very bad, I went to relate to some sadness, also with the rage of this type of girl. It will not hurt you every day, but you can not say anything ... if you say anything break-up
    It has been 2 days since the end of the communication with the person, why do not I know that it was very good for two days ... like a completely independent bird, I want to chat with everyone, comment on the comments, someone came and said in the inbox, "Why are you chatting with him? Let's say ... let's say ... let's go from Life to Para, it's gone ... well, we can cross the rest of the life like an independent bird.
    It has been 4 days since I left for 4 days, but I do not know why I do not like it today ... why do not I remember that time again, "Why do you chat with that girl? Why is that girl's reply time? I miss ... why do not I have a rage voice, I want to hear it again and again ... what else can I call from any other number? It can be hampered, I can turn a number off my name. When I was going to call my mother, I was shocked when I was going to call ... Why should I call? Why do I have to call me? Why should every child have to freak out ...? He can talk bad every day If I say bad one day crime?
    I kept the phone from hand, not every boy should admit such a rate ... every time "baboo im sari" boys should not say ... !!
    Always remember one thing, where the word "doubt" goes, the word "love" becomes vulnerable ... !!
    7 days gone, she went away, did not enter the last 2 days ... I did not write any story, I have not seen any story, I can not even give a call to Tithir number, I can not press the end button by typing a lot of words in the message box. I do not know why I am going to the "IGO" thing again and again, the question arises in my mind, why am I? Why do I have to call? Why every boy .. ??
    12:30 am ... at night when I was planning to spend another sleepless night lying on the bed, just then the call came from the number of the tithi, it is not possible to understand the number of Tithir numbers, but it should not be understood, so much I am glad that it can not be understood to the girl, the boys and the importance should be understood to the person ... by cutting out the happy feeling and holding the call,
    Ehmm eh! What's up? Why do you call?
    Tithi with a sigh said-
  • There is nothing poetry ... I want the diameter of the heart so I call it ... !!
    Well, okay ... but do not call again, we've got a breakup ... !!
    After saying this, Tithir could not hear any other voice from the other side, slapping himself on his own head, "Dhootta ... maybe I'm saying too much.
    I'm sitting quietly in the ear, she is not talking anymore ... she broke the silence of about three minutes and cried crying crying-
  • Babu IM Sari !!
  • Serie for whats

This is very excellent love story my dear friends.I am really happy to see in your blog.I appreciate in your blog.I always follow you my dear friends.

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