love story part no fourty two

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pexels-photo-281269.jpegIn verse you are not the first man in my life!
Before you was one in my life. And with him I crossed all the limits of love. Can you accept me even after knowing this?
Look at the verse a bit and look at the puff and laugh.
Tuli rogi looked at the eye in the eye and said -----
Tuli: You are very bad! Ponded my beautiful arrangements.
Verse Sari Sweetheat (Laughs) Butt I get a lot of smile.
Tulipa not getting laughing? Brush your teeth with brush to wash the toilet.
Verse: It is your loss. Because when I kiss you, how will you feel?
Tuli: Yak! Gee verse I Will Kill You
Re: What is the meaning of honey in the house night, killing your husband? Do not you do not? Just look at my honor.
Tully Mean?
Verse: I do not understand the time when my picture will come out on the papers and breaking news will be on the night in the hands of the husband killed the husband. Then people will tell me by saying that the killer is murdered by his wife. Tell me if my ticket is being cut before the love of a wife is being exaggerated?
Tuli: Well, I'm proud of you today.
The verse will not come near at all. Please do not ruin me like this. Check your legs Leave me like this now. Pully came to the verse and gave a yes to the cheeks of the verse. And laughing said
Tuli: Verse, you can act like so much? How does it feel
Reason: I think I'm flying in the sky.
Tuli: Well! Then down the line. A pinch of the verse was cut!
Re: Really? Pulle What did it do? Kisses on one cheek
Tuli: I brought you from the dream.
Verse: My reality is as beautiful as a dream because my dream princess is my life partner.
Tuli: Well! Then why did you do the flop marking?
Re: Why do you hit and if you flip me?
Tuli: What did I do?
Why did you say this? That is, verse you are not the first man in my life! Have you crossed the limits of love to a loved one?
Tuli: I was kidding but you should have said that who he is? I'll kill him? And I do not believe in you as my wife Blah blah blah I did not laugh at my impression of poorly.
What did you do in verse? You're talking like a laugh Well, what did you see me? Did he speak like me? Or did you like me for the last three years?
He looked at the other side of his face with his face in the face of the puff.
The verse hugged the back and said: This crazy suspicion makes him who does not believe, and faith does not make him who does not trust, and does not trust him who does not have friendship, and a friend can not be with whom he does not love. But I think my goal is to be my closest friends and trust many. And that's why you love so much. And if you did not know beforehand, still you had a firm faith. Because the world goes on in faith. You got me a lot of storms and I got you. Not for doubt. For so much love for love.
Tuli: A bit wet wet your voice!
Verse: Yes for the UK
Tuli: Well, what would you do if I used to go to the sky that day? if I-----
Before saying this, the verse pauses both lips and lips with their hot breath. Pulle felt a short spell of the verse and then thinks that by pushing the verse it is removed
Pilli chitating chiting! You forgot your condition.
Reason: Son of gold! I did not think so.
Tuli did not think! Stand up and start to beat the verse with your pillow.
Verse: Sari said that I will not be hearing this and will not be.
Verse is clear! Wait a bit this time.
Tuli: OK.
Reason to obey the condition of the emergency?
Pully looked at the verse in the eyes of fire.
Verse sir. Manobo!
Tuli: Where is my suitcase? In all my dresses. I will change
Ayatah bhupreo you are very good to change why?
Tuli: I will break the nose if I talk more. That afternoon I read the dress and now it's twelve o'clock in the night. I used to change quickly but you got so late to come. It seemed to me Like the birth, tell me what the night of the bus is. But where is it?
Ayat: Hey, what is my fault? My friends were stuck confused. But you did not go too low?
Tuli: Why did I do?
Verse: I heard that the groom entered the house after the boy greeted him and the groom embraced him, but I came to see him playing the mobile game opposite.
Door in the room immediately rebuked me.
Pulleh how many hobbies! Chest! Leakage to Before that, bring my suitcase or dress.
Reason: read sari?
Tuli brother I have fallen since noon. Now you can not.
Re: Do not read sarai or not, so I want to call brother? But the suitcase seems to be Ani (sister of the verse) in her room.
Tuli: Now what will happen?
Verse no thought jan I'm not
Tuli: Now I'll wear your shirt?
The verse is read or mine. Have fun Well come with me. Then put the tuli in front of his almirah and opened the cupboard. Seeing the puffy ha, many cabinets and cupboards were seen watching.
Tuli: Who are these verses?
Verse why are you See you angry before you say it. I bought it three months before the wedding when I liked it and bought it for you.
Tuli: So much so that so many. And the three-pippies are all my size, where do you get my size from


Onk sundor love story photography ta o awesome

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