love story part no fourty three

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pexels-photo-832761.jpegTuli: Do not tell? Please verse. Every time you wanted to know that you have missed the subject! Please do not say
Reason: OK but after a while. First remove the hair. He gave a kiss in the puffery of the hair of the verse.
Tuli: There is more news if you have more time.
Verse sir
Tuli: Well do you have a hairdresser?
Reason: Why? What to do with that?
Pull: Hey hair. Otherwise it will not dry all night. If the hair is wet, then I have a headache. You're leaving my suitcatsato again in the room.
Verse: I do not have any room. There is ani or fate.
Tuli then bring them from
Verse is crazy Ani is my younger sister. Will the hair of my brother get wet hair from him? Shame is not a matter?
Tully then tell the girl.
Verse Shame!
Puli: Do not hesitate to listen more. You did not do anything to shame. Tell me the phone soon.
The verse called the phone with his phone and said
I think hello!
I think, what is the work of a phone at night?
Verse: Your hairdresser will go a little bit. Tulita does not have him.
Think of it, take a bath in the wash. (Fun) I'm seeing rocket spreads in Spreads.
Rejecting (shame) thinks nothing. Get you quick
I think I'm coming!
After a while, I thought it was a knock. The verse opened the door and said, "Give me a head." I said to Tuli dhukake dhakake pushing the inside
Thinking that madam so soon finished bath.
Pull (reddish in shame) thinks that you do not have much to do.
I think. What a shame now? Do not cry. At that time we also had And I used to know the verse because I was polite but not too short. Satan is one number one.
Verse: I think now it's going to be over.
I think they can do more and I can not say. Do not let your hair dry. I went to my groom. I think it's gone.
Looked at the verse and looked down on his face with reddish shame. In front of the pipe, he took hold of his hands and raised his hands
Verse: I Love You Lijavati.
Pulse became more red in shame. The verse laughs at it.
Verse: Let your hair dry.
Tuli: Listen to the verse?
Reason: Hmm?
Tuli: I Love You To
Thex My Profit by pulling the vermillion of the verse.
Pully after drying the hair of the verse poke said.
Tuli: Verse! Got very hungry
Verse know Because Ani says you did not eat at night. Sit down, I'm taking food.
While sitting in the pole, the mobile was pressing, and after seeing a pickup, the book shook. He went back three years when the first verse saw him. Tulsi then offered HSC examination. Anoor then offered HSC examination. Two of the two colleges were there but the two seats were held in one bench, so in the examination the words became known. Then good friendship. At that time, Ayat Ani was taken to the examination center. At that time one day introduces the verse with Ani Puli. I love looping love of Tuli. Which is called Profit and Fast Side Tuli also feels good to the verse but it keeps it in its mind.
When the test ends, the verses are very different. Because maybe no more contact with Pully. But the verse was able to understand the issue. So, the phone number of Tuli was kept. In this way, tukki taki is to be talked about and the verse verse. And just before the result of the test results, Ayat and his family proposed to get married at Tuli's house. Everyone agreed. The elders keep the condition that after the completion of the verse, it will take three years to complete the business, so the wedding will be three years later. Everyone agreed on condition. Pulle and verse are happy. Can people of their own love be able to have happiness? After a while the result is given. Ani and Tuli were admitted to honors in the same college.
Verses and pills always spoke on the phone and were occasionally seen. Tuli gave the verse the condition that before returning to the marriage, do not overdo it to do anything to counter it. The verse accepts the condition because the verse itself does not like these. Their love life was running very beautifully. In the meantime the sky came When I remember the sky, the water from the eye of the puffy eye drops down and down. In it, the verse called Puli. Pulle reads the intersection of Pulle.
The verse put the food tray down and put it in front of the pole and took two hands and then kissed it under the eyes of the tulip and absorbed the tears of the water.
Verse: It is better to forget the memories that hurt you.
Tuli: If anything?
Holding the head of the verse with his chest. Nothing will happen. You're now in your most secure place. As long as I am there, I will not let the sky shadow the evil shadow on you. Understand!
Tuli know. Still fears.
Verse: Fear all the fears, take the food and eat it.
Tuli: I will not eat it. I will eat ice cream
Verse know So we did that too. But before they can eat them then ice cream. Otherwise it will not get ice cream.
Pull face twist and cut it. Verse verse picks up each other.
Tuli: I do not burn you too much?
Verse: You love me so much because you are irritable.
Tuli: Tonight but we do not sleep anymore. Do you remember?
Verse: Madam with a smile.
When the meal ends, the verse fell on his lap in the puff. Pully is touching the head of the verse. And saying -----
Tuli: Now tell the verse why do not you talk to your mother?
Verse: Look, I did not conceal anything in my life, hide it in the future, and still not today


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