love story part no fourty one

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pexels-photo-433019.jpegThey took my child's lap and they laugh in my lap. God knows that I used to eat their rice in a while.
Have a lot to remember. Once I was younger, I went to a relative's house. There was a baby so beautiful that it was very tempted to take a lap. Then when I was admiring her in the lap, the chest seemed to have a feeling of something warm. When it was rolling down to the stomach, it was understood that it was done.
Everyone laughed at me at the relatives house.
That day I was red in shame.
I went to meet girlfriend once. He came with his nephew and accompanied him. Lover's nephew means the nephew of the boyfriend. Boyfriend's account is the care of the nephew of the girlfriend of the girl, and she cares little about the lap. But in the minds, I was sure that I would give up the ridicule.
I did not say that I had cut their rice. The nephew of the girlfriend gave the bamboo as well. The scam scenario in front of people in front of people
My older sister has a son. This is the most unprofitable. There will be so many people in my house crying for coming to my lap. In any way, when her cry can not be stopped, her mother will go through my lap.
My nephew's peace will calm me down in my lap.
It has been lately that the children of the neighborhood who do not love their mother come and bring me baby with my lap.
So sad because of the mind, I have opened an institution named "Child Hitu Center".
Below I wrote "Children are cared for here"
Many children come in the day. I have not been in the lap after the raincoat. They laugh at me in peace.
Alhamdulillah, the business is going well.


Sundor golpo pore vlo lglo r pic ti o vlo. jo d kokono bristy nam a sei bristyr umbrella tumi hobe ke amr

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