love story part no fourty four

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pexels-photo-136411.jpegRepeat the verse out of the room with the brace.
What are you doing? Why did you come out? Anyone will see?
Verse: Hussus. Be silent
After taking the verse in the lap, slowly stepped down the stairs and went to the garden.
Tuli: why so many night in the garden?
Verse: Look how beautiful flowers are in the light of the moon. Do you know that some flowers have been brought out in the night to show them.
Tuli: How are you so romantic?
Verse: If you have a partner like you, the fool will become romantic too. His life will also become romantic.
Tuli: Well!
Verse: Huff me with a kiss on the face of a tully gully
The rest spent the night sitting in the garden and storytelling between each other. After a while, the dawn call came from the mosque far away.
Re: What is madam happy? I have kept my words. I spent the whole night chatting with you Now the prayer has been done due to prayer. You also pray after prayer.
Tuli: Hmm.
After the recitation of the prayer, Tuli said
Tuli: There is still time to recite the verse light. You get a little sleepy
Verse: Is there permission to sleep in bed?
You smile and smile
Ayat: Verse and you?
Tuli: You tell me then?
After sleeping the verse, Tully put the head on the chest of the verse.
The verse: At the same time, I got the least number of wins that my father woke up all night.
At around eight in the thought of sleeping, they broke. Opened the pole door.
Thinking that it was so late in the night to break the sleep? (With laughing smile)
Pulle: Do not you think?
I think I understand. Come on breakfast?
Everyone is happy eating everyone is happy. One of the things in Tuli looked so bad that the verse avoided his mother. And the heart of the verse is always in charge. It seems that he is suffering from the use of the verse. It is normal to have trouble because no mother does not expect such behavior from her son. At the end of the breakfast, everyone was joking about tuki but the mother of the verse was not there. Tully took care of the matter. Tully went to her mother-in-law. She is sitting alone in the room.
Tuli: What are you doing?
Hey, hey! Income boss!
Tuli: Everyone is chatting there, what do you do here alone?
So there was some work on Mother.
Tuli: Mother knows that mothers do not like to lie.
What is the meaning of mamamam?
Tuli: I know that you are not going there for verse.
Nothing much or nothing.
Tuli: The mother verse tells me everything. But I think it is wrong to understand the verse anywhere. And you think you misunderstood. Well, what is the mother actually? Say a little Please I know the verse is not lying. But the mother often does not know what I see or opposite to anything. Perhaps you misunderstood the verse! Please do not tell mother what is the truth? I do not want my hazben to look at all the people in his world with hate. See no one else in the world from mother to mother. And the mother can do all the best for her child. I have seen that I love the older brother more than verse and ani. And seeing your love is not a lie, it is understood by your pity. Do not say mother What happened Do not you want your son to call you a mother again?
The mother of the verse hugged her son and tears. Then said yes, for the last five years, my verse did not talk to me as the mother did. But to tell the truth to the verse if Ian me wrong? I love Ayan the most because Ayane has given me the first mother to taste the maternal taste.
Tuli: Trust your mother in God and tell the truth? You will see that all of God's grace will be all right.
But then.
Tuli: No, but no. Now there is no one except a family member at home. I want everyone to be happy at the ceremony in my house. Let's go
Tully Ayat took the hands of the mother in front of all. Then the verses, Ian, Bhabi, Ani and their father were. Tully said to everyone
Tuli: I will not let anyone in the house where I live in, I will not let anyone speak. Today, I will end all misunderstandings.
Verse: What do you want to do? Do not be mad at all. Okay
Tuli: Mother, please tell all.
Mother Ayan pardon me, forgive me that I love all that love about the girl I know about the girl. She is very bad and there is a lot of relation with her son. So I told him to leave my son with the money. She did the same. I said to the money and I will not have a relation with Ayan.
Reject: Do not lie, mother. She did not take the money after you made the girl frightened and farewell.
M nor no verse I did not do that.
Tuli: Well, how do you know these verses?
Verse: That girl means that she said to me silly.
What is pool Did you disbelieve her in the words of her girl?
Really? She proved me enough.
Ian: Mother is telling the truth verse.
Everybody with the verse was astonished by the words of Ayan Viar. Because mother knows that Ian does not know anything about this.
Verse brother you know all?
Ayan: Yes. I know but fall. Sapphire was a really nasty girl. Mother is telling all the truth. I knew these words a few days later, but I did not know that Sapphire said this to you and you do not talk to the mother for this little reason. Every time you ask for your mother or mother, you have both left. But if you really believe me, then maybe mother would not suffer so much.
The verse was stopped after listening to the voice of Ayan. And thinking that he had been holding a falsehood for so long. Due to a lie, she used to do so bad with her mother? In the verse, hugging his mother's feet and clinging to me said love to me


Wow onk sundor picture ami o avabe amr bor er kad a uhtte cy

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